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on time rent management and reporting



for letting agents

Offer your landlords our rent collection management with securely hosted rent statements for landlords & tenants


the service - in a nutshell:

  • We sign the landlords up on our site with a simple online form 
  • We get the ball rolling with the tenant to get the payments set up online and complete tenant checks
  • When payments come in from your tenants' banks, rent statements are updated and can be accessed online by you and your landlords
  • You get paid when the landlords do - whenever we make a collection

the rent management process - where we add real value

  • We're not just rent collectors; we are rent payment managers. This means we do everything we can to ensure rent gets paid on time. 
  • If the wheel falls off in any month and a tenant doesn't have enough funds available, we contact them immediately and request an immediate bank transfer. If they haven't paid that after 14 days we send them a Default Notice with a threat of eviction proceedings and County and High Court action to recover the debt. Unless the landlord wants us to serve a Section 21, we take no further action. If they do, we can advise them on the steps they need to take to recover their unpaid rent through the court system.

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Outsourcing the rent collection of all your managed tenancies will allow you to focus more on the marketing of your business while freeing up management time. 

Our website will host all of your landlords' properties' rent statements which are accountant / taxman ready. These are hosted securely and can be viewed or downloaded from anywhere 24/7/365. Email alerts notify your landlords of any updates to these reports. You can access statements of your own too so you can monitor all activity.

To find out more about outsourcing rent collections, contact us by email or phone. 

Why should you prefer our collection over other methods?

Tenants don't forget to pay

Rent payments every month can suffer when your tenants have busy lives and pressing commitments. When they pay through us they never have to remember to pay as we just collect when it's due. We send them payment reminders 3 days before we collect too so they can make sure there are sufficient funds in their account.

Improved cash flow

Put all your tenants on our rent collection and you know what your income will be and when you can expect to receive it.

The preferred choice of revenue collection

Companies prefer automated debit payments because they are automated and easier to administer than other payment schemes. They are more customer-friendly and they greatly improve cashflow and lower revenue administration and associated costs.

Tenants are more likely to stay with you

You'll already know that when everything is ticking over happily, tenants are far less likely to move on. With reliable rent collection this is one less thing for either you or your tenants to worry over.

You save time and money - we do the paperwork

How much time does your business spend on checking rent payments, making phone calls, writing letters and chasing errant payers? With our rent statements you can easily see at a glance who has paid and more importantly who hasn't. By the time we have notified you of a non-payment; we will already have been in contact with your tenant to encourage them to immediately make good with an online card payment.

Improved security and lower risks 

Cheques can get lost in the post, banks can fail to make standing order payments and cash can be forgotten. With automated debit card billing your revenue is secure. You can be safe in the knowledge that we have comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.