Landlord and agent immigration checks pilot assessed next month

The pilot scheme for the govenment’s policy for landlords and agents to check the immigration status of tenants is to reach a landmark next month.

The 6 month pilot programme in the West Midlands is due to be assessed in July and following this the scheme will be gradually rolled out across most of the UK

Where a landlord uses an agent then the agent will assume responsibility for carrying out the checks. Where there is no agent then landlords must carry these out themselves.

The system is designed to be relatively quick and simple to administer. Passport and resident permit checks will be offered on a government website with results returned within 48 hours.

There is a penalty for non compliance of up to £3,000.

New landlord measure could save around 26 lives a year

The government has announced that it expects 10th October 2015 to be the date that landlords will be required to fit smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms on every floor of their property.

Failure to do this could result in a £5000 civil penalty.

The measure is expected to save around 26 lives every year.

This will bring the PRS inline with existing building regulations.

Funding to fire and rescue authorities to provide free alarms to landlords is to be announced shortly.

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